Life: It's All Around Us

Life: It's All Around Us

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ready to Leap but need a PUSH?

Just heard a great line on a movie " Later is always harder than
Sooner... no one is ever really ready, that's why they call it a Leap.
If you keep waiting, you'll wait forever."

Someone skydiving for the very first time, looking over that ledge on
the airplane, will never be able to wait long enough to 'be ready' to
really jump.  They can not muster up enough courage in their human body
to be ready for something like that, there are too many "what-if's"
involved.  But, here they are, the decision has been made & this
is what they are doing.  After all, they are already up in the plane. The pilot
has brought them this far, a seasoned skydiver has helped strap
them in & given them all the instruction they have from their own
experience, and now its all up to them.  There is no backing
out.  They just have to close their eyes & JUMP, trusting the
parachute will do what it's "promised" & catch them.  When it's all
said & done, this parachute will have done one of two things ... keep
them from crashing to the ground OR given them a soft easy, safe
landing ... it all depends on how they view the parachute. Either way,
if they take this difficult LEAP & the parachute does what it's sure
to do ... this courageous person will land safely on two feet ... and
this experience will leave them ... never the same.

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  1. I loved this, Joy. I needed to hear it. Jeremiah 29:11 was in my devo the other day and I thought of you. This post reminds me of that verse. He has plans for a hope and a future for us. We will for sure land on our feet. :)
    Pumped to follow your blog!