Life: It's All Around Us

Life: It's All Around Us

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why I Stop Praying

I recently got a FB message from a friend and this is what she said:

     "I have an interesting question for you....but I thought I'm sure you and your husband have been in my shoes before.  What do you do when you have been praying for something for quite a while, and trying to be patient, and still don't really feel like you know what your supposed to do? And at times, don't feel like you're really getting an answer? Been super overwhelmed about something, so I thought I would get your perspective."  

     I know many of us feel this way at times.  We begin to get an overwhelming sense that even if we were to scream at the top of our lungs to the Heavens, God still would not hear our voices.  When life is pressing in and we feel an answer could not come fast enough, we still don't receive clear direction.  I would encourage you to read the following passage: Luke 11:5-10. This passage shows us what happens when we keep asking, keep searching, and keep knocking. Persistence moves the heart of God. Also, read Luke 18:1-8. Just like the widow was persistent in pleading her case, we have to be persistent in pursuing God with the things that are closest to our hearts, in a sense, pleading our case with Him. The scripture says He will not delay in answering us but keep in mind His time table is very different than ours. To Him, a day is like a thousand years & a thousand years like a day. The answer may not come in our timing but it WILL come. The answer may not be what we want to hear, but He WILL answer. God will honor your faithfulness in pursuing Him, regardless of the answer He gives you.

When you feel tempted to STOP praying, push through and be even more PERSISTENT!

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